Fighters of Fat raising funds for T Charmed Charity

Starting firstly as an in-house challenge for 3 people to lose 50Kg before Christmas, Richard Upshall, Executive Chairman at OES, now has a group of 14 people who are targeting to lose up to 170Kg all in the name of charity.

The charity being supported is The Tiana Honey Watson Fund for Children with rare and metabolic disorders (

One of the members of The Fighters of Fat, lost her beautiful daughter Tiana aged 2 years and 7 months old due to Mitochondrial Disorder in 2006.

The fund has been set up, to raise money on research and find a cure but also to help and support the families of children with similar metabolic disorders.  This can enable them to buy specialist equipment through to providing once in a lifetime holidays to create special and treasured memories.

Donations are to be submitted on the T Charmed website using the Charities Page, Just Giving. . Please put your name and Fighters of Fat so the donations from the charity drive can be logged.

A dedicated facebook page has been set up for this –, please share and invite your friends to like!

Richard has set himself a target to lose 25Kg by December 15th and has personally pledged that he will donate $1000 for every Kg that he does not achieve by this date.

We will provide regular updates to this very worthwhile cause!