OES have been working alongside rig owners new build projects since early 2000’s. involved in shipyard projects in Keppel Fels, Shenzen, shanghai Yantai Ra_es, Jurong, MIS, Samsung Heavy Industries, Vicksburg Marine, and many others for offshore drilling rigs. Within the land drilling market, OES have worked with major players such as NOV, H&P, HongHua, Dreco, ZPEC, Drillmec, Kerui, Bentec, Schlumberger.

OES have an extensive track record over the course of three decades of providing various project support to these rig manufacturing and building companies.

How many new build rig projects has OES undertaken?

OES work closely with the drilling contractors and have a wealth of experience in project management and have provided these services to onshore and o­ffshore drilling contractors globally since the early 2000s. OES can attribute to nearly 200+ onshore / offshore drilling rig projects participations in the last 3 decades where our teams have supported drilling contractors with new build rigs ranging from off­shore semisubmersibles, drill ships, jackup and land rigs globally. we have provided various personnel to support these builds, such as project managers, project coordinators, document controllers, subsea engineers, tool pushers, mechanical and electrical specialists.

Can OES support and provide resources for an offshore or onshore project ?

Yes, OES can provide and resource and correctly identify project personnel, such as project manager, project engineers & cost controller, materials manger, document controller. In addition to the project support, also provide specialist disciplines for electrical, mechanical and welding QA/QC.