Vibration Analysis provides assessment of the current health of equipment and is used for those assets with rotational parts with bearing frequencies, imbalance, and misalignment issues which will increase vibration, will create consequential damage. WHAT IS VIBRATION...

Dropped Objects Surveys

Dropped objects remain one of the leading incidents in the oil industry today and having the right solution in place to help mitigate these is a crucial part of maintaining a safe working environment. OES has been a leader in Dropped Objects prevention for many years...

Arcus Hose

The ARCUS-Hose service provides the identification and tagging of hose assets using multiple tags, providing real-time reporting of location and condition. Detailed recording of asset details such as manufacturer, length, flange types, purchase date, supplier, wall...

Compliance Auditing Condition Auditing

New-building and shipyard maintenance projects often have in-house teams, provided by the owner, overseeing the project, but sometimes some added support is required. OES are experts in providing added assistance to rig owners during newbuilding and shipyard works,...


Rig Inspection packages are conducted in line with pre-agreed standards, e.g. LOLER, API, British and Australian Standards as well as fully incorporating any client specific standards. Packages can include any or all of the following in one mobilisation: Derrick...

Ladder and Fall Protection Surveys

Having the correct vertical access and related fall protection is, quite rightly, an increasingly critical focus of the industry and OES can help. Maintaining a register, conducting inspections and ensuring ladders (both fixed and mobile) and fall protection are well...

Infrared Thermographic Surveys (IRT)

OES are the leaders in infrared thermographic inspection services, completing more than 5,000 surveys over the course of three decades onshore and offshore. INFRARED THERMOGRAPHIC SURVEYS (IRT) State-of-the-art heat sensing cameras are combined with the knowledge and...

Arcus Drops

ARCUS-DROPS provides management of potential static and dynamic dropped objects on your offshore and onshore assets. Recording of detailed safety securing and retention methods Asset scheduling aligns itself with your Preventative Maintenance regime Photos help...

Project Management and Assistance

OES has the ability, personnel and experience to project manage a broad scope of upgrade and new-build projects worldwide. Project services experience ranges from large scale projects, incorporating everything from the planning and design stages to commissioning and...

Arcus LGI

The ARCUS-LGI solution provides structured inspection and validation of items such as Loose Lifting Gear, Cranes and Winches. The services enables customers to provide a simple inspection process of their own assets and allows third-party inspection companies to...

Bolt Inspection Surveys

OES expert Derrick Inspection personnel conduct bolt inspections, replacements, torque or tap testing and identification of bolts for ease of tracing in the future. Regular inspection of bolts and the area surrounding them is imperative to mitigate against corrosion...

Rope Access Maintenance and Repair

With our own team of IRATA qualified rope access personnel, OES have the capability to expand any of its broad range of services to areas that remain difficult to access by standard methods. This removes the requirement for alternative, generally costly and disruptive...

Arcus BOP

Having equipment and inspection data for your sub-assets is critical, and using ARCUS-BOP moves away from using paper based inspection files, to a system where the data is accessible on your rig and also by onshore management. The ARCUS-BOP service records the...

Dropped Objects Specialists

OES Drops Champions With Dropped Objects frequency also being affected by culture, systems, personnel and a unlimited range of unique circumstances, many of OES’ clients now choose one of OES’ Dropped Objects Specialists to assist them on either a temporary or...

Pre Contract Audits and Condition Surveys

Pre Contract Audits OES can offer rig selection surveys based on operators seeking rigs for new drilling campaigns.  OES offer short audit services to establish visual compliance of the a selected rig, based on a snap shot of the condition of the shortlisted rig,...

Arcus Ex

Effective and controlled preventative maintenance is a must for electrical equipment located within the hazardous areas of an offshore and onshore facility. The ARCUS-EX service allows the identification and tagging of EX assets and provides an inspection process...

High Pressure High Temperature Wells Management Assessment

OES have resources available, to assess equipment, personnel and risk evaluation for when considering or already performing HPHT wells. This would entail equipment and components subjected to full wellbore pressure whereby the suitability of such equipment for a HPHT...


The statement that Derrick and Masts form the backbone of the drillfloor needs no further explanation. OES offers its clients a wealth of expertise and experienced teams to assist in keeping this structure compliant, safe and reliable. OES provides numerous specialist...

5 Yearly Inspections and Testing

OES can provide personnel to plan, coordinate and conduct major inspections, load tests and certification of various equipment that requires periodic testing to remain compliant in service including Cranes, lifeboat davits, BOP handling systems and other similar...


Using our own skilled engineers and in house testing units, OES provide excellent pressure testing, visual inspection, re-calibration and re-certification services for Pressure Relief Valves (PRV), Safety Valves and Pressure Gauges, up to 36kpsi.   This is in line...

Arcus Bolt

Regular inspection of bolts and the area surrounding them is imperative to mitigate against corrosion in the harsh environments of the Oil & Gas Industry. The ARCUS-Bolt service identifies the bolts included in the scope of that inspection with a master tag and...

Crane Services

OES has over 20 years of crane inspection experience, providing a range of crane services including full condition assessments, API Crane inspections and detailed Crane Condition Evaluations, Class related inspections and Load Tests, SLI calibration checks and a wide...

Lux Survey

Lux Survey Poor lighting can be a safety hazard and a health hazard – misjudgement of the position, shape or speed of an object can lead to accidents and injury. Too much or too little light, strains eyes and may cause eye discomfort and headaches. It can affect the...

Auditing of New-build and Repair Yard Facilities

Key to a successful project is selecting where to conduct it and ensuring they have the right procedures, personnel, facilities and proven experience to provide the required results. OES audit personnel can provide in depth analysis of any facility, to offer a clear...

EX Surveys

OES are leaders in EX inspections throughout the globe, performing these inspections and remedial repairs on offshore and onshore drilling rigs. OES have an extensive track record over the course of three decades. WHAT IS AN EX­SURVEY? Ex inspections are driven by the...

Acoustic Emission

Acoustic Emission (Noise Level) Surveys Safety is top priority and that includes prevention of hearing loss in Oil & Gas Environments. Hearing loss for workers offshore can easily be reduced by the wearing of the correct hearing protection. Noise impairment...

Fair Market Valuation

A Fair Market Valuation assessment, is usually conducted on or carried out based on an external visual inspection of the condition of the equipment and, where possible, internal inspections. Clients often request a fair market valuation of their assets for many...

Lifting Gear Inspection

OES have been providing lifting inspections for over 20 years and can conduct broad scoped inspections on any form of equipment, either as part of a larger inspection scope package, or as an individual service. Often conducted in line with LOLER, API, British...

Preventative Maintenance System Audits and Gap Analysis

The main areas of the PMS (Preventative Maintenance System) audit can be undertaken and a brief review of the system will draw on comparisons within the industry. In summary, the maintenance assessment would: Establish and review critical maintenance Stock levels...

UT Gauging of Piping Systems and Pressure Vessels

OES’ experienced inspectors can provide any depth of UT survey required on piping and pressure vessels. From full baseline surveys of all piping on-board to specific requirements. Detailed 3D CAD drawings, registers and reports are also provided, as required. OES...

What our customers say

At OES we believe in delivering services that maintain our clients assets, improves efficiency and protects both people and equipment. OES are committed to the environment and improving the health and safety of the industry. OES hold a strong internal safety record which is testimony to this and an achievement that all at OES are proud to be part of. Find out more about our vision.

We would be more than happy to have the team you have back on board with us. They have proven themselves to be a fantastic team and great bunch of guys, very diligent in their work and hard working.

Rig Manager
Inspection ServicesUK March 2023

The team of Auditors were very helpful, offering good advice and solutions with their findings – very proactive!

Rig Inspection and Acceptance SurveySingapore April 2023

Inspectors deployed were very professional, providing constant updates with progress of the inspection as well as discussing items identified and how to rectify the issues.

Safety officer
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – February 2019

Appreciate the brilliant work from the team and their communication.

Rig Supervisor
Oman – February 2019

Brilliant communication before and during the work scope, inspectors were very professional with brilliant work ethic.

HSE Coordinator
Indonesia – March 2019

Request to have the same OES team back for the next inspection as they performed such an outstanding job. Amazing job, thank you.

Barge Engineer
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – March 2019

OES team provided excellent service, we hope to see the same team return for our next OES rig visit.

Rig Manager
Singapore – January 2019

The crew went above and beyond their duty to help us close up open audit items, thank you for such a professional team and we welcome them back anytime.

HSE Specialist
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – February 2019

Brilliant team, had no issues at all as well as brilliant communication. Would like the same team back next time.

Rig manager
Cyprus – February 2019

Inspector did an excellent job raising our awareness around dropped objects, his instructions on the topic were very enlightening

Operations service team leader
United States – January 2019

Rig crew were very helpful, used the work scope well to get equipment ready for inspection ahead of time.

Rig supervisor
Gulf of Mexico – February 2019

Great team, Good communication, technical knowledge and full awareness of work scope. Dedicated and would like to see the same team on next visit.

Rig Asset Manager
IndonesiaAugust 2020

Extremely Professional Team

Rig Owner
Worked in Suriname – September 2022

Techs were very knowledgeable, helpful and co-operative.

Service Company
USASeptember 2022

Kept well informed and advised throughout the inspection. Personnel very knowledgeable and helpful, a pleasure to work with.

Rig Owner 
UKAugust 2022

Congratulations to the team on the work completed, all willing to help every time they were required on additional operations – very good communication.

Rig Owner
Workscope in Brazil – April 2022

This particular team demonstrated a great attitude and really pro-active, always a step ahead in their duties.

Rig Owner
Workscope in Brazil – March 2022

The team were very knowledgeable and thorough with the Inspections.

Spacecraft Manufacturer
Workscope in USA – March 2022

Team onboard were a great asset to us and willing to work with us to troubleshoot and repair equipment as required.

Rig Owner
Workscope completed in Suriname – May 2022

Exceptional work from the team and very supportive.

Marine Owner
Workscope in USA – May 2022


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At OES we believe in delivering services that maintain our clients assets, improves efficiency and protects both people and equipment. OES are committed to the environment and improving the health and safety of the industry. OES hold a strong internal safety record which is testimony to this and an achievement that all at OES are proud to be part of. Find out more about our vision.