OES have resources available, to assess equipment, personnel and risk evaluation for when considering or already performing HPHT wells. This would entail equipment and components subjected to full wellbore pressure whereby the suitability of such equipment for a HPHT environment is verified.

In addition, a full review of operational aspects carried out in order to effectively evaluate personnel competency, equipment additions (Upgrade) and a condition survey at present.

The American Petroleum Institute released a guidance document related to drilling HPHT wells. The API TR17 TR8 – Guidance for HPHT Drilling and Wells – 1st edition is referenced and assists with issues such as frequently overpressured formations, weak zones, and reactive shales.

Acceptable fluid-density range is often small, requiring careful control of equivalent circulating density. The fluid must also be chemically stable and noncorrosive.  It is clear that the ramifications of equipment failures are even greater when drilling in the HPHT arena.

Some equipment under evaluation are;                 

Solids control & tank system / blow out preventer / Control system / remote units / Mud Gas Separators (MGS) / choke manifold /kill manifold / mud pumps & HP lines / Power generation / drill string  / top drive / drawworks / spares availability / personnel and operational competency.


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