Lux Survey

Poor lighting can be a safety hazard and a health hazard – misjudgement of the position, shape or speed of an object can lead to accidents and injury. Too much or too little light, strains eyes and may cause eye discomfort and headaches. It can affect the quality of work, specifically in situation where precision is required, and overall productivity.

Surveys are best conducted in a fully operational environment, however are commonly carried out whilst the rig is in the yard, so preventative measures can be installed before the rig leaves and whilst yard resources are available.

Surveys are non-intrusive and will not interfere with on-going operations.

Reports include a comprehensive analysis and mapping of the areas surveyed. Reports indicate and highlight areas that require additional lighting, which are non-compliant to industry regulations and OSHA specifications. The areas are colour coded to identify problematic areas and areas that meet industry specifications.


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