OES Drops Champions

With Dropped Objects frequency also being affected by culture, systems, personnel and a unlimited range of unique circumstances, many of OES’ clients now choose one of OES’ Dropped Objects Specialists to assist them on either a temporary or permanent basis. These Dropped Objects experts are there to help your organisation improve its approach to Drops.

Dropped Objects, static or dynamic, can occur under many different circumstances. It can be through ignored equipment finally giving in to gravity, during everyday routine activity, or those unusual “one-off” jobs.

It is extremely important that personnel are given the skills needed to identify potential Dropped Objects around them.

Our Drops Champions are available on a brief hire basis, or even permanently, to act as your Drops expert and help your organisation reduce its exposure to Dropped Objects.

OES’ Drops Champions are perfect for:

  • Building, reviewing, advising changes and making changes to Dropped Objects policies and procedures.
  • Leading in-house training program covering DROPS issues and risks and providing both theoretical and practical dropped objects training to personnel at all levels, including Train the Trainer.
  • Investigating drops incidents and provide plans to mitigate similar instances
  • Facilitating or carry out DROPS risk assessments.
  • Participating in audits to check the effectiveness of DROPS inspections and DROPS hazard identification by both 3rd party’s and intercompany personnel.
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies where applicable.
  • Issuing timely safety alerts for DROPS incidents in co-operations with the HSE department and the line.
  • Acting as a focal point for rig teams, providing support for resolving issues (e.g. secondary retention, derrick surveys, etc.).

OES can provide on or off-site training on Dropped Objects Prevention, with the personnel’s actual workplace being the ideal location. This covers a range of training from:

  • Identifying potential Static Dropped Objects and conducting internal Dropped Objects surveys
  • Primary retention, secondary retention and secondary securing
  • Identifying potential Dynamic Dropped Objects
  • Being aware of Dynamic Dropped Objects in everyday activities and non-standard activities
  • How to make Dropped Objects a part of JRA’s/JSA’s
  • Understanding common Dropped Objects, what causes these and how to prevent them
  • Safe rectification of potential Dropped Objects.


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