History of OES

With over 21 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, OES can meet all expectations and will be able to assist, no matter what your requirements.

Richard Upshall at Jumeirah Beach in May 1991

Founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1996, OES Oilfield Services Group (OES) has grown into one of the world’s leading oilfield inspection companies.

The initial years were heavily focused project work around shipyards in the UAE and offshore in Saudi Arabia and Qatar; however Richard Upshall, the Executive Chairman, felt in order to assist clients efficiently and effectively and to the highest standard, highly skilled and qualified inspectors should be employed to audit and inspect platforms. Further to that this needed to be around the world as Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU’s) are just that, mobile.

At first, the board did not agree with Richard’s plans for expansion but fortunately with the assistance of a close friend, they were able to buy out the shareholders and Richard stepped in to the role of President and CEO.

Having witnessed how the majority of companies worked in the industry, Richard wanted OES to break the mould. In order to do that, Richard had to employ the best and continue to help individuals develop and grow to reach their own personal goals as well as the company’s. At the same time, it became clear that technology was to play an important part going forward in the reporting and access to the reports the industry really needed.

Glen Ashwell in India, Derrick Job 1998

Richard opposed the trend for building databases off ad hoc day rate staff, hence full-time members of employees were recruited and their growth has been an area of heavy investment. Currently, OES’s workforce is made up off 99 per cent of permanent members of staff, who have grown within the company.

In 1999 and 2000, Richard employed several managers and trainee apprentices who, alongside and under his guidance, have gone on to assist in shaping OES into one of the world’s largest privately owned oilfield inspection companies. These managers and apprentices are still with the company today and have spread OES wings over five continents.

Like several companies, OES has weathered many storms that have hit the industry yet we have continued to flourish and establish the company in further parts of the world, opening regional offices and ensuring permanent staff are in place to best support our clients’ needs.

Regional offices are now open in USA, UK, Brasil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia  with a local presence in Angola, Nigeria,  Australia,  Qatar, Oman, Egypt and South Africa.

Growing steadily and adding new skills and services continuously, OES can meet all expectations and will be able to assist no matter what your requirements.


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At OES we believe in delivering services that maintain our clients assets, improves efficiency and protects both people and equipment. OES are committed to the environment and improving the health and safety of the industry. OES hold a strong internal safety record which is testimony to this and an achievement that all at OES are proud to be part of. Find out more about our vision.