Infrared Thermographic Surveys (IRT)

State-of-the-art heat sensing cameras are combined with the knowledge and experience of a qualified OES electrician in order to locate, problem solve and report exothermic electrical anomalies found on the drilling rig; which are mostly invisible to the naked eye.

IRT surveys are synonymous with major cost savings brought about via the timely identification of possible equipment failures and subsequently the avoidance of associated downtime.

Many areas found during the survey can be rectified on the spot, by the client’s electrician, for re-imaging by the OES surveyor and ultimately close out.


Typical faults identified using thermographic imaging includes:

  • Mechanical Defects – verify machinery wear causing friction-related heat
  • Electrical Systems – accurately diagnose anomalies in electrical systems
  • Insulation Damage – detect insulation damage in process applications as well as buildings and facilities


OES qualified electrical personnel with IRT level recognised accreditation in the use of IRT technology will conduct a comprehensive scanning of all electrical systems, identified in the scope of work for suspected hot spots that might be overlooked by visual inspections. Our surveys would predict;

  • Verify whether the electrical connections are properly made and maintained.
  • Interpret the images acquired to determine equipment condition and the possible causes of temperature deviations.
  • A clear and concise report to illustrate all the problem areas found.
  • Recommendations to rectify the problems and suggestions to improve your maintenance schedule.
  • The inspection should be carried out while the electrical system is under load and can be performed at any time without shutting down. Therefore, no disruption to the normal operation will be made.



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