OES Asset Integrity Management are pleased to announce that they have attained the Lloyd’s Register Hull Gauging Certificate to inspect a vessel’s hull structure and ensure that it complies with relevant regulations and standards.

The inspection confirms that the ship’s dimensions, thickness of plating, and structural integrity meet the requirements for safe operation at sea. It typically involves detailed inspections, measurements, and assessments carried out by qualified surveyors and provides assurance to shipowners, operators, and regulatory authorities regarding the seaworthiness and safety of the vessel.

Carlos Guerra, OES Marine Technical Sales Manager said, “With this certification, we will be able to service those clients operating LR classed vessels not only in the US, but globally. Supporting our customer base is our number one priority and now being certified by LR, it enhances our ability to do just that. For the OES Marine Division, our goal is to provide peace of mind, assurance, and by fostering trust with the maritime community as a trusted authority in maritime safety and compliance.”

For further information regarding our Global Marine Portfolio and to obtain a quotation, please email carlosguerra@oesgroup.com.

Pictured left to right: Aileen Septimo, QA & Operations Coordinator and Carlos Guerra, Marine Technical Sales Manager.