Old Message from Chairman

Hello and a personal welcome to the OES website from the Executive Chairman, Richard Upshall.

OES is an Asset Integrity Management company and by virtue of its services, keeps oilfield installations and oil logistic chains secure.  Providing offshore and onshore inspection, maintenance and audit and commissioning services to rig contractors and operators globally.

OES has been at the forefront of inspection technology developments in the oil & gas sector for more than 20 years and continues with the development of the latest generation of ARCUS. The platform provides a suite of specialist services that span the life cycle of a range of assets and facilities, from the planning and construction stage, reactivation and through all phases of operation and maintenance, right until decommissioning.

Maintaining asset integrity at every stage of a facilities development and operation is vital to ensuring productive and cost-controlled operations.  This is essential in this new-normal of mid-$50-per-barrel oil prices and demonstrates how technology-led supply chain companies like OES are key to helping asset operators achieve this objective.

We demand of our inspectors the highest standards, we wish to provide you with the most secure of services through outstanding inspections and preventative maintenance. If we fall short, I want to know about it. In the meantime we look forward to us delivering outstanding services to you.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Upshall

Richard Upshall
Executive Chairman

A Dubai based entrepreneur, Richard Upshall has always had an insatiable appetite for starting up new businesses, providing magic beans to existing ideas with others, as well as funding and supporting his own. Richard left the UK in 1991 to go and find his fortune, and started his first Dubai based business, OES Oilfield Services established in 1996 and has subsequently grown to provide services on five continents.

OES is without a doubt a market leader in the realm of inspection of oil and gas assets.  OES has always been technologically innovative, burgeoning the need for OES to be ahead of its competitors.

“OES is the genesis of what I have, and continue to achieve, it is therefore special to me and I continue to invest time, effort and money in to it” says Richard.


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At OES we believe in delivering services that maintain our clients assets, improves efficiency and protects both people and equipment. OES are committed to the environment and improving the health and safety of the industry. OES hold a strong internal safety record which is testimony to this and an achievement that all at OES are proud to be part of. Find out more about our vision.