OES Executive Chairman, Richard Upshall recently went to Tanzania with members of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and visited Schools and Orphanages in the region. He was invited to accompany the group attending from The English College Dubai, a school which has supported various projects in Tanzania, along with Richard, for a number of years.

The large East African country, home of Mount Kilimanjaro, is one of the poorest countries in the world and the level of poverty is high.

Children in Tanzania’s rural areas are suffering with malnourishment, lack of access to healthcare and lack of education.

Richard was presented with an opportunity to visit Tanzania and watch Duke of Edinburgh participants in action whilst looking for new projects to support.

Richard said of his visit to Tanzania, “An amazing country rich in natural wonders with a warm and welcoming populace made this trip a heartwarming experience as well as an eye opener to how just a little support can go an awful long way and dramatically change lives.

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