OES Asset Integrity Management is today celebrating its 10 year anniversary since the company opened its regional office in Brasil.

The office has grown since its inception in 2009 and recently moved into larger premises, due to additional staffing and warehousing needs.

Richard Upshall, Executive Chairman and founder of OES, stated; “A decade in Brasil and it shines as testament today to all the hard work put in by Team Brasil to realise the vision I had when we made the decision to establish OES in Brasil.

Patrick Ribeiro, Regional Manager LATAM, said; “During the 7 years I have been with OES in Brasil, there have been many changes in the marketplace. We have transformed our staffing from being reliant on EX Pats to complete work into concentration of working with locals, through investment in training and development in those same roles.

Despite the downturn in the oil & gas market, this has allowed OES Brasil to think outside of the box and be creative and innovative in our approach to meeting our clients’ needs. Specifically, in the last 3 years, OES Brasil has been given the unique opportunity, with the trust of upper management, to develop new services such as heavy rigging and lifting services, advanced crane and maintenance services, corrosion management and treatment.

Furthermore, as we look to the future we will implement IRATA training, NDT training and General Rig Inspection Services training.

With this horizontal diversification in new revenue streams and using the latest in technology, we have been able to meet the wide variety of inspection and maintenance demands for all our current and newly acquired clients.

Today, one thing that distinguishes OES Brasil from any other inspection company here, is the trust we bring to the client, offshore and onshore. The OES logo here in Brasil, is considered a reference in quality and excellence. In one phrase, OES Brasil is not strictly just work or a job, it is partnerships which make us a UNITED FAMILY.

For further information on the service portfolio available in Brazil, please visit www.oesgroup.com or email info@oesgroup.com