OES Asset Integrity Management is celebrating its 8th Anniversary of their office being open in Brasil.

The Brasil office opened on 21st July 2009 in Barra da Tijuca and since has moved to much larger premises in Macae, due to the number of clients and contracts obtained.

OES is known for its high quality service and reporting, which is why the company is one of the most re-selected inspection providers in Brasil.

The change of the market conditions in the Oil Industry has meant that some companies have not been able to sustain themselves during the downturn. OES have continued to invest in company growth and training of our staff to ensure that we offer the best service and after care to our clients.

Inspections, Audits, Project Management, our innovative Arcus portfolio and special services including NR 10 and NR 13 are a selection of the services that we offer.

As rig owners are looking for solutions to cap the budgets they have for operation without compromising safety and quality, permanent team rotations are the go to service for many of our clients. Providing a constant presence on board and ability to quickly react to any rig requirements.

Patrick Ribeiro, Country Manager said of the office; “I am proud of what OES Brasil has become, not only do we perform services with excellence and expertise but we also make sure each client is catered to, with great customer service and extreme care.

OES Brasil have pioneered and perfected the permanent team rotation, which several of our clients prefer as the approach to their maintenance and inspection programs. With this, we have figured out ways to reduce cost in logistics and standby times and maximize utilization and broaden service capabilities.

With our team of experienced and hard working full-time employees from offshore inspectors to onshore staff, we welcome all to join the OES family and partner with the highest qualified asset integrity management company in this region.

For further information on the services that can be provided in Brasil, please contact Patrick Ribeiro on patrickribeiro@oesgroup.com or call our office in Macae on +55 22 2773 2714