One of the main elements of OTC 2018 is promoting technological advancements within the Industry.

OES Asset Integrity Management is celebrating 22 years of operating in the Oil & Gas Market and has seen many changes and challenges over this time.

Richard Upshall, Executive Chairman of OES; has always focused on the implementation of cutting edge technology to strengthen the OES portfolio. “OES have continued to invest and we will be releasing our latest reporting suite…Arcus™. Integrated RFID for identification, cloud synchronisation specifically designed for hostile IT environments, infinitely scaleable, tablet based, Zone 1 compliant and fully able to integrate with existing systems (SAP, Maximo etc).”

“Arcus™ suite includes inspection modules for Drops, Lifting Gear, Hoses, EX, IRT, Bolts and BOPs. Our Arcus™ solution can be viewed anywhere on earth via a desktop, works at site from a tablet. It provides full accountability and progress monitoring…this is where we step away from the pack once again, and change the game…up. For OES alone, we are estimating a 20-25% saving on man days in 2018 as a result of the advanced software use.”

Under Joulon, we are able to provide the full range of Asset Management Services, including Asset Integrity, Project Management, Pressure Control, Mechanical Works and Power Plant and Controls.

For further information on our services, visit Stand 746 in the NRG Center!