If like Admiral Beatty, you think “there seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today” then look no further than OES for assistance and advice. With over 23 years of off-shore experience, we possess unrivalled expertise in many marine-related areas of Inspection, Audit, Preventative Maintenance & Project Management. With this unrivalled pedigree behind us, we aim to challenge the current marine inspection players with our professionalism and competence. Under-pinning both by real value for money, speed of response and can-do attitude.

We have honed our spurs in supporting our many Oil and Gas clients in tough environmental conditions, high risk oil-field exploration, time critical ship-yard re-activation projects and through our consistent approach to maintaining the integrity of their high-value asset while it operates. We should remember, the two worlds of Offshore and Shipping are not unsurprisingly similar. Both are governed by IMO regulations for safety & environmental protection, follow Class Rules for construction standards and adhere to same processes for training, operations and training of competent personnel. This means we can offer our new marine clients an unrivalled, focused and cost effective service.


Historically, we at OES have delivered a number of core services to drilling contractors and Oil companies, under the banner of Asset Integrity Management. These have included:

  • Safety Inspections (DROPS, Derrick Inspections & IRT);
  • Equipment Inspections (Lifting Gear, PRVs, Gauges, Davits & Cranes);
  • Remote Access Inspections (Rope, Underwater, Drone & Crawler Access);
  • Maintenance (Rope or Remote Access Electrical, Mechanical & Hydraulic Repair);
  • Surveys (Contract Audits, Fair Market Valuations & EX) &
  • Non-Destructive Testing (MPI, UT Gauging, Eddy Current and Phased Array)

This stable of services has seen OES steadily expand from its humble beginnings to a global provider of Asset Integrity Management Services. We embraced the marine sector when we started to tackle our first Drill-ships and FPSOs in Brazil and today have a stellar track record in service delivery. So, we can confidently say OES knows ships and knows them well. As part of the Joulon group we enjoy superior support from our stable-mates.


Even with the difficult market conditions in the Oil and Gas sector, OES has seen a massive rise in the amount of FPSO work we are competing for, in Brazil & Africa. These vessels are hugely complex and represent a significant technical challenge to maintain at the highest levels of efficiency. The OES response has been people driven. Our teams of engineers, inspectors and auditors all possess the experience and skills required to complement those onboard in the endless pursuit of safe sustainable and efficient operations.

So how can OES help you?
The simple answer is wherever, whenever and for whoever. We know the truism that time is money, so we can respond 24/7, we can rapidly mobilise skilled personnel from our many offices across the globe, we can operate in or out of port, at anchor or underway. We come with our own equipment and our people can deploy either individually or as a multi-disciplined team.

Our service offerings can be found on our website www.oesgroup.com , but our approach to integrity management can be condensed to just one word – Holistic. We aim to be a one-stop shop for our customers for all manner of technical issues. A great example is our new approach to Project Support in rig re-activations. Here we have managed all non-drilling equipment issues for our clients in areas as diverse as:

  • Fire Fighting servicing & repair;
  • Life-saving equipment refurbishment;
  • Aviation facility audit, inspection and testing;
  • Explosive proofing;
  • Infra-red Testing;
  • NDT;
  • Crane & Davit maintenance;
  • Electrical installations;
  • Load Cell, PRV & Gauge calibrations;
  • Equipment Registries;
  • Lifting Gear Inspections;
  • Local Exhaust Surveys;
  • Water-testing;
  • Fire Safety inspections;
  • DROPS;
  • Contract Acceptance Auditing; &
  • Local Purchasing.


This impressive array of services means we really can be competitive within the broader marine sector from supply boats to oil tankers, from FPSO to LNG Vessels. We may have grown up in the Oil patch but now we are ready, willing and able to be deliver across the world’s oceans, in port or to ships under-way.


David Mugridge has, in the last three years, developed the Project Management Arm of OES since joining from Noble Drilling, where he was the Start-up Superintendent. A former Naval Officer, he is an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute and has taught on Maritime Management issues at both Dalhousie & Memorial Universities in Canada.