Glen Ashwell – Vice President of our Audit and Special Services Division

Vice President of our Audit and Special Services Division, Glen Ashwell, discusses Remote Audit Inspections:

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. As a third party inspection business to the upstream oil and gas sector, we are concentrating on supporting our clients the best way we can in order to allow them to continue their operations with minimal disruption. This comes with its challenges, of course, and examining new ideas and strategies to provide our services remotely is our key focus at this time and moving forward into the future. With several remote audits already executed, and others in progress, we are developing more efficient ways to parallel the inspections our clients would be accustomed to, maintaining integrity and the unparalleled services we are proud to offer.     

At OES Asset Integrity Management, we are focusing on remote inspection capabilities offering our clients unprecedented support; and maintaining our highest level of standards, know-how, technical capability and vision in a safe, adaptable and efficient way. We have streamlined our formats, and provided data-rooms to enable our clients to feedback and share high quality video and photos, all whilst guiding our clients through this process. This data is reviewed by our experienced teams using the same techniques and standards applied in the field.

Our inspectors are trained in using many of today’s video conferencing systems such as Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom. All inspections are carried out in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) or client specific standards held on our Technical Management System (TMS). An action register is created based on the footage provided. A video log with hyperlinks is provided on our action tracking system and supported as evidence for assets under review.      

You may wonder, what are the benefits?

  • Tailor the scopes to your immediate needs 
  • Remote audits will save money, time and travel expenditure 
  • Maintain equipment uptime and continuing with efforts to reduce our clients exposure to Non Productive Time (NPT)
  • Real-time audit surveillance and assessment using latest technologies  

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