Following on from an article earlier this week, Glen Ashwell Vice President of Audit Group discusses the reasons why OES Oilfield Services Group are the one of the most reselected Audit and Commissioning companies globally.

Over the last 20 years OES has been involved in the project management and commissioning of approximately 100 new-built and upgrade projects from land rigs to offshore rigs, and have provided an array of services extending to; project management, drilling unit assessments, ex surveys, hose register surveys, fair market valuations, well control assurance surveys, QHSE management system assessments, risk based inspections and many more. All these surveys have created through the group a wealth of experience and information, all captured on our bespoke AuditTrack knowledge database, which allows us to adopt this to any survey or project undertaken.

Our Surveyors
OES audit staff are competent experts in their field with many years of working experience in the drilling industry all over the world. Our teams are supported internally with a large group of management and operational personnel for content, quality control, data control and detailed on site recording and sharing of survey results through all stages of the service offered.

Our Reports
The user friendly OES reporting system is simple to use for either the drilling contractor or operator. The report is laid out in a manner that our clients can review in real-time, with decisive key areas for concern, full recommendations, photos and backed up by an online system for access globally.

We have experience with all major offshore and land rig building yards in the world, which enables us to provide a uniform service that, in turn, minimize project dependencies and reduces potential risks.

Technical Management System (TMS)
All OES staff globally rely heavily on our internal technical management system which enables all personnel to share, read and review technical documents, industry alerts, OEM bulletins, video tutorials, best practices guides, and internal training documents.

Commissioning: an essential part of project management
Auditing and commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components of the selected unit are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to your operational requirements.

Comment from Glen Ashwell VP.
“In this difficult climate, our aim is to continue to deliver unprecedented customer service. We understand our clients are faced with difficult market conditions, more than likely having made adjustments to combat this downturn. What is clear, though, is that the current market condition presents both risks and opportunities for drilling contractors and operators as they seek either to reduce their financial exposure or to take advantage of market conditions to increase their asset portfolios.

Our Audit services will assist both client and contractor in achieving a higher quality end product and a safer and more efficient operating unit. Our Audits are designed to prevent unnecessary delays before mobilizing the rig. It will allow immediate corrective action in order to ensure any discrepancies can be corrected at an early stage without having a detrimental effect on the drilling time line.”