OES are a key sponsor for the Askaris Predators, this year at the Dubai Rugby 7’s.

OES Predators

OES has a long association with Askaris, collaborating on many Bespoke Oilfield Inspection industry products and developments. That association has now extended to collaborating on the sponsorship of the Askaris Predators.

Holly Myers is the manager/player for a very successful, touring women’s rugby 7’s side, who is looking to compete for the fourth time in the Dubai Rugby 7s 2014; December 4th – 6th 2014.

Predator 7s was formed back in 2011 under the name of Expat Old Girls, for the Dubai 7s.

In 2012 they adopted the name of OES Predator 7s, and were sponsored that year by OES and came runners up in the International Open Women’s competition at Dubai Rugby 7’s. Since then they have competed under that banner for the past 2 years. Now they have built up an extensive pool of around 50 high calibre, English premiership rugby players, and compete in a number of tournament in the UK seven’s series.

The squad for this year in Dubai is the strongest it has ever been before. To name a few involved this year;

Claire Malloy: Currently playing for Ireland in the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014.

Holly Myers, Lindsay Anfield: Both play rugby league for England and competed in the Women’s Rugby League World cup 2013, where Lindsay was named in the World 13 squad following the tournament.

Rhiannon Parker: Currently plays rugby 7s for Wales and has competed in a number of IRB women’s 7s tournament this past season.

Sarah Graham, Katie Mason and OES’s very own Alex Cook: All played rugby for England U20s, where Katie now captains the England Development 7s team.

OES Predators huddle

Across the squad there are six English premiership clubs being represented: Richmond, Saracens, Bristol, Aylesford Bulls, Lichfield, and London Wasps.

Competing in the International Open Women’s competition at Dubai Rugby 7s; which boasts teams from across the globe; Australia, Russia, UK, and the UAE national side. In 2011 Predators placed runners up in the plate competition, 2012 – runner-up in the cup, and 2013 – runner-up in the cup.
OES Predators game
With the current success of the Women’s Rugby World Cup in France, the Women’s IRB Seven’s Series, and the inclusion of rugby sevens in the Rio 2016 Olympics; rugby is currently the worlds leading sport in terms of growth in women’s sport, where it is now a professional sport for women in a number of nations. Invitational seven’s team such as Predators is a stepping stone for many players looking to compete on the world stage and possible the Olympics. We pride ourselves in competing with the utmost professionalism, with the pool of quality players that we have.