Dropped Objects are a long standing issue in the Oil & Gas Industry, so what are they and what cost do they have to your business?

Dropped Objects by definition are any item that falls from its previous position. This covers all objects, materials and items of any mass or density.

Dropped Objects can be categorised in 2 ways- Static or Dynamic.

What is a Static Dropped Object?

A Static Dropped Object is any object that falls from its previous position under its own weight (gravity) without any applied force. Examples are failure caused by corrosion, vibration or inadequate securing.

What is a Dynamic Dropped Object?

A Dynamic Dropped Object is any object that falls from its previous position due to applied force, e.g. collisions involving travelling equipment or loads, snagging on machinery or stacked items, motion, helicopter downdraft or severe weather.

What is the cost of Dropped Objects to your business?

Dropped Objects are part of the top 10 causes of fatal accidents and serious injury in the Oil & Gas Industry. The Health and Safety of employees whilst working must be of paramount importance to any company.

Other tangible and intangible costs created by Dropped Objects include the following:

  • Disruption to Drilling
  • Loss of Day Rate
  • Investigation on site
  • Retraining of Staff
  • Potential Insurance increase
  • Loss of Reputation and Safety Record
  • Loss of Contract

How can OES help you combat Dropped Objects in your business?

OES provides a full portfolio of services to address Dropped Objects, offshore and onshore, in the Oil & Gas Industry.

DOPP – An all-encompassing four-stage Dropped Object Prevention Programme incorporating tailored rig specific training as well as suggested client system improvements by one of our leading Dropped Objects experts.  Followed by a thorough Dropped Objects inspection and a tablet based follow up program with optional RFID tagging integration.

This is the ideal total solution to help eradicate static and dynamic dropped objects and improve rig crew dropped objects culture.  It provides real time reporting which help focus the efforts of the crew and also real time control and visibility and comprehensive audit trail to onshore HSE.

Dropped Objects eLearning – Online or offline eLearning for rig crew and visiting service company personnel, so everybody is up to speed with the rigs’ dropped objects prevention culture. OES’ eLearning cover the dangers and consequences of Potential Dropped Objects, how to prevent them, industry best practices and recommended guidelines.

DropsTrack – The industry leading static Dropped Objects inspection solution.

A thorough dropped objects survey conducted by rope access capable dropped objects specialists with an excellent rig specific follow up pack for the crew to conduct their follow-up own surveys with.

Dropped Objects Training and Train The Trainer – Training on-site is a big step in the process of reducing risk through a better understanding of potential for dropped objects. The majority of dropped objects incidents can be avoided by the crew having a better awareness of the potential for dropped objects through awareness, improved maintenance, spotting a potential dropped object during both everyday activity and also those on those one-off jobs.

OES Drops Champion

Many of OES’ clients choose one of OES’ Drops Champions to assist them on either a temporary or permanent basis. These are Dropped Objects specialists who are there to help your organisation improve its approach to Drops.

For further information on our services, visit www.oesgroup.com or email info@oesgroup.com.