OES Brasil Business Development Manager, PatrickMacae Oilers logo Ribeiro has always had a passion for American Football.  A chance meeting on a beach, of a small group of guys playing football, and a year later his team Macaé Oilers are in the LIFFA Football League final in Rio de Janeiro.

In September 2013, Pat was walking along the beach and spotted a small group playing a game of football on the sand. Pat joined in with the game and the group played football on the sand each Thursday at 7:00pm.  As weeks went on more and more people guys joined in and attended practice.

Macae Oilers PatFlyers were sent to gyms and football academies to scout more interest, and next minute there was a team of 25 guys aged between 15 to 36. As the team had quickly been increasing in size it was time to move of the sand and head to the field.

Realising how big the team had got Pat and his team mates decided they wanted to join the LIFFA Football League.  In order to join this league, they needed a President, Head Coach and money to back them.

Pat was chosen as the Head Coach, the team chose the name Macaé Oilers and the team was formed.

The next few months were about practice. They had a friendly against their neighbouring team, Rio Das Ostras Warriors. The Macaé Oilers won 19-0.

After the team continued to practice and market for sponsorship, it reached 40 players in total and practiced twice a week.

Next was the game with the Nova Fribugo Yetis, who were the 2013 LIFFA League Champions. This game didn’t go well and the Yetis made it apparent they did not think the Oilers worthy of being in the league.  This critique spurred the Oilers forward!

In order for the Macaé Oilers to get into the league they were required to play another team.  The Niteroi Federals agreed to play and the Macaé Oilers defeated them and won a well-deserved place in the league.

The league started in August this year, Macaé Oilers first game was against the Yetis. After a hard fought battle, where the Macaé Oilers were winning up until the fourth quarter, the Yetis made a comeback and won the game 31-27.Macae Oilers 2

Next up was a match with the Giants, after a blowout game, Macaé Oilers won 49-2.

It was back again to face the Yetis, after a determined game, the Yetis pipped the win in double overtime leading a score of 27-20.

Another game with the giants, yet again one more game smashed with a Macaé Oilers win, 49-0.

After a tough couple of games, Macaé Oilers made it into the 6 seed playoff!

The first playoff game was against the Niteroi Federals, this was the Macaé Oilers hardest game yet, but they were victorious and came out with a 9-3 win.

Then came the fourth round with the Yetis on 30 November 2014, the Macaé Oilers needed to win this game to go into the Championship. Following a brilliant but tough game, the Macaé Oilers won 26-3, the Macae Oilers made it into the Championship.   To top it off OES’s very own Pat Ribeiro won player of the semi-finals weekend.

Although down from 40 players to 25, due to injuries, the Macaé Oilers continue to fight and will go headstrong into the Championship playoff against the Rio de Janiero Islanders on 14 December 2014.

Macae Oilers 1

Little did they realise how far they would come in such a short space of time, but they are always looking forward and thinking of all the possibilities.

Macaé Oilers continue to follow the dream of playing full pad football by 2016.

Pat has been selected Defensive MVP of the league and will be starting defensive end of the Allstars team, Seleliffa in January 2015.

For further information on the Macaé Oilers please follow them on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MacaeOilers

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP8Pl74XwVM