OES Asset Integrity Management, a global Third Party Audit, Inspection and Project Management Company, announced today they have achieved the ABS Certificate of Recognised External Specialist for Dropped Objects Inspection and Program Audits.
The certificate means that OES are recognised as a Service Provider which ABS surveyors may rely on to make decisions affecting classification and statutory surveys.
OES has a long standing reputation for providing innovative and technologically advanced solutions in mitigating the risk of Dropped Objects in the Oil & Gas industry.
The Dropped Objects Prevention Program on the Arcus platform, previously won OES a Spotlight on New Technology Award at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.
OES is now A Joulon Company and Abhishek Kumar, Vice Chairman & Group CEO stated; “It is great to see OES going from strength to strength and endure at the pioneering edge of Asset Integrity Management. The technology and development that goes along with OES were long ago what attracted our attention, and OES continues to spearhead new developments and achievements.”
Richard Upshall, Executive Chairman of OES Asset Integrity Management said of the accreditation: “Once again OES demonstrate that they are in the Vanguard of the Oil and Gas inspection and safety industry, innovating and developing new and improved solutions whilst working with strategic and relevant partners. It has been an absolute pleasure working with ABS on this project and the recognition is very much appreciated.”