OES Asset Integrity Management has achieved the American Petroleum Industry Q2 accreditation in our USA location.

API Q2 is the first Quality System accreditation for suppliers to the Oil and Gas industry.  The standard certifies oil and gas equipment service providers for the safety, consistency and interchangeability of their products and services as well as asset management and business integrity.

Aileen Septimo, OES QA Co-ordinator, said of the accreditation, “Achieving API Q2 demonstrates OES has a strong quality management system which ensures that we follow the most advanced industry certification standard for oil and gas service providers. OES is dedicated in providing continued world class inspection services and promoting operational excellence and customer satisfaction.”

Wayne Byrom, OES Country Manager stated, “This is a fantastic achievement for the US Office considering the recent challenges to the industry.  Achieving this accreditation demonstrates OES’s continued commitment to our customers and the industry. Thank you to the team for all your hard work and dedication!”

For further information on the OES Service Portfolio, please visit www.oesgroup.com or email info@oesgroup.com, where one of our team will be able to assist.

Pictured: Aileen Septimo, QA Co-ordinator