OES Asset Integrity Management is delighted to announce the official opening of our new operation in Guyana (OES Guyana Inc), bringing market leading Inspection, Audit, Commissioning and Project Services in Guyana and the CARICOM region.

Local content development is at the core of our business, in which we already have a competent Guyanese team, leading the way in delivering our services in-country, supported by OES’s international specialists.

Richard Upshall, Chairman of OES stated, What I love about our Guyana operation launching, is that we are investing in the employment of local Guyanese men and women.  We are able to bring forward our expertise in training, to enable all our employees to work in an internationally accredited business in the oil and gas industry.  I am very proud to welcome the OES Guyana office into our family.’

Adam Gibson, Vice President (Western Hemisphere) stated, This is Guyana’s moment in history.  We are determined and committed through our local content development strategy to bring prosperity for generations to come. The OES Academy, with knowledge and technology transfer will give all of our Guyanese workforce the competence and confidence to drive the Guyanese Oil and Gas Industry forward. Succession planning is key and our leadership programme is delivering the future leaders of our Guyanese business, I thoroughly enjoy seeing it come to fruition.”

For further information on the service portfolio available in Guyana, visit our website www.oesgroup.com or email guyana-info@oesgroup.com