OES Oilfield Services Group is proud to announce 20 years’ service for one of its employees.

Glen Ashwell started with OES on 1st April 1997 and for recognition of his service and dedication to OES, received a Limited Edition Americas Cup Bremont watch.

Glen discussed his two decades with the company; “Joining OES in April 1997 as a young, keen Lifting Gear apprentice aged 23 years old, to achieving where I am today, can be accredited to my own drive and dedication in combination with working alongside the guiding influence of Richard Upshall. This has seen me working from the early years of the then small start-up company, to the now; very different and larger global enterprise that OES is and has become today.”

Glen was promoted to Operations Manager in early 2000; “My role moved me into the office for a short period, whilst still occasionally attending Drilling Rig Audits and Commissioning surveys. Additionally, I was developing inspection databases and electronic operating systems for the Lifting Gear division, and working on Audit procedures and development for more technical systems. We had an abundance of work in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India and Australasia especially as our business development group grew and expanded into these regions.”

“My development over the last 20 years, has seen me gain a strong technical background of building, refurbishment and repairs of MODU’s from every aspect of; Drilling Equipment, Mechanical Systems, Marine and Well Control Systems. This was through dedication and commitment to growing and placing itself in the industry as one of the leading Third Party Inspection firms worldwide. This wouldn’t have been possible without Richard’s entrepreneurial foresight in what direction he sought to take the company in.”

Today, Glen is the Vice President of the Audit Division, and is focused on the development of the division and still having a hands-on role. He is the chief focal point for queries regarding many aspects of OES inspection services as well as ensuring Audits and Commissioning surveys are maintained to a high standard.

Glen said of his 20 years with OES; “Now, completing my 2nd decade of service with OES, I see the future of OES in the current market place will rely on more technological advances in our Software, Development and Training of our personnel and broadening our service scopes to capture a single source company for all inspection needs and requirements.”

Glen also spoke of his own family and being part of OES; “20 years on and I am still passionate about my job and our services we do for the Upstream oil industry. Our work fills a large part of our life and in particular our family, for which I am truly grateful to mine. I owe a great deal to my wife Tiffany, for being by my side all these years, and being there for my two lovely children Maegan and William when I wasn’t. It’s for them I strive and work hard for.”

“I am also fortunate that OES is also my family and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Richard Upshall, Executive Chairman of OES said of Glen’s accomplishment; “It was no coincidence that Glen started on 01 April, I had trepidation about taking on what was then our first apprentice and wasn’t at all sure he would make it. Here we are 20 years on, and he is the top of his game. What an achievement for him as well as OES. We have trained literally hundreds of inspectors in many disciplines over the years and it is testament to how we do it, that they are targeted by headhunters to work for our competitors. Glen is one of four Ashwell brothers, all of whom have been trained within OES from scratch, all of whom are successful in their own right to this day, and two of the four currently work for OES.”