Budgeting for inspections on your asset can be difficult for any company.  Mechanical failure, dropped object incidents and weather for example, can present requirements for an inspection to be carried out onboard. None of these can ever be planned.

By using OES Permanent Teams on your asset, there is a guaranteed inspection team available on board without the need to mobilise a team to site, mitigating any potential downtime.

OES Permanent Teams will help you reduce and fix your variable costs, making forecasting and budgeting more efficient.


  • Provide year round inspection and maintenance onboard
  • Team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete client specific work, including at working at height
  • Annual and 6 monthly LGI/Drops inspections completed as part of service
  • Workscopes can be generated as required by Rig Crew and OES Team (as per agreed structure and capability of team)
  • Complete regular drops hazard hunts
  • The team will be involved in Toolbox and Tower talks, providing third party support in rope access and rescue at height Produce reports immediately for close out of PMs
  • Dropped object training can be provided to the rig personnel and potential risks can be discussed on a daily basis if required
  • Leased Equipment kept on board
  • Closeout from inspections completed
  • Produce reports immediately for close out of PMs


  • Ease of invoicing – one invoice per month with fixed cost
  • Budget planning – know fixed inspection cost for the year
  • Experienced and multi skilled staff
  • Dedicated rotating team
  • Emergency NDT/certification can save on downtime – 1 day of downtime, can potentially pay for the team for a year
  • No need for multiple mobilisations of third party companies
  • Consistency of personnel. This also minimises the amount of training/inductions which must be completed in line with client standards



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At OES we believe in delivering services that maintain our clients assets, improves efficiency and protects both people and equipment. OES are committed to the environment and improving the health and safety of the industry. OES hold a strong internal safety record which is testimony to this and an achievement that all at OES are proud to be part of. Find out more about our vision.

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